Stathel, Walter R.

The circular economy: A user´s guide/ Walter Stahel - 102p. 23 cm.

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1. The circular economy, roots and context. __ 2. Circularity, sustainability and labour in the circular industrial economy. __3. The circular industrial economy, a wealth of new opportunities. __ 4. The era of R: the owner decides locally. __ 5. The era D: Economic actors recovering resource assets decide. __ 6. The point of sale, or facttoy gate, and liabelity. __ 7. The invisible loop, labour and the role of policy. __ 8. The perfomance economy, industry adopting the circular industrial economy as defaul option. __ 9. Radical innovation to enhance stock management. __ 10. Outlook.


Sustainable development
Environmental policy
Natural resources - Environmental aspects

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